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September 2 - 25

Perpetual Pinata Parlour at Art Prospect Festival

An absurd participatory game in St. Petersburg, Russia

October 3-17

Fan Letters European Tour!

October 3rd - La Betto Lab, Berlin Germany

October 4th - House Show, Hannover, Germany

October 5th - TYS, Copenhagen, Denmark

October 7th - Dome of Visions, Copenhagen, Denmark

October 10th - Petrohradska Kolektiv, Prague, Czech Republic

October 11th - TBA, Weimar, Germany

October 12th - TBA, Brussels, Belgium

October 14th - Kulter, Amsterdam, Netherlands

October 17 - Mindscape Universe, Berlin, Germany

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Recent Press

Interview in Bedford and Bowery about Apocalypse Chow.


















Current/ Ongoing

Fan Letters (2011-Present, ongoing performance collaborations with Dylan Neely)

Flux Doors (2013 - Present, ongoing construction projects at Flux Factory)


Perpetual Pinata Parlor at Art Prospect Festival, St. Petersburg, Russia (Collaboration with Flux Factory)

Apocalypse Chow (Curated in collaboration with Carina Kaufman and Danae Lagoy)

I/O (Performance event, Curated in collaboration with Will Owen)


Exquisite Contraption (Building-sized Rube Goldberg Machine, collaboration with Flux Factory)


Gallows Humor (Curated film screening)

Letters to John Grisham (Short film, collaboration with Dylan Neely)

Sewage and You (Video, collaboration with Jason Eppink and Adrian Owen)

Nightlight (Curated in collaboration with Carina Kaufman)


Grey Matter (Live-video Performance, Performed with Man Forever, Vernous, and others)


<3 Heartbutt (Zine and Installation, collaboration with Edward Doty, Fryd Frydendahl, and Megumi Tomomitsu)

Flux TV (Video collaborations with Flux Factory)

          - Galactic Drive-In (Created for Empire Drive-In at New York Hall of Science)

          - The Flux Priority (Created for DVD Dead Drop at the Museum of the Moving Image)

Appendix: A (Video)

The Wonder Cabinet (Installation, Collaboration with Flux Factory)

Fake It 'Til You Make It, Flux Factory (Curated in collaboration with Christina Vassallo and Aliya Bonar)

Make It 'Til You Break It, Flux Factory (Curated in collaboration with Shona Masarin)


Anchorage (New Moon Baby) (Music Video, Music by Franz Nicolay)


The Great Northern (Video)

Collective Showing I, Pulp Legend (Curated in collaboration with Felisia Tandiono)


The Bat Barn (DIY music venue, Managed and curated in collaboration with Dylan Neely)


The Complete History of Mankind and the Rest of the World (Video, Print)

Extra Extra Extra (Video)

I Hear She Goes All the Way (To the Moon) (Video)

The Bat Barn Video Flyer (Video, Music by Yeesh)