The Wonder Cabinet, a collaborative installation

Flux Factory is pleased to announce The Wonder Cabinet, an experiment in collaborative story writing and contemporary wunderkammer. The exhibition brings together an eclectic group of artists – sculptors, costumers, video artists, holographers, and more – to compose a narrative together and build a walk-through cabinet of curiosities filled with elements from the text.

The product of a series of round-table discussions, the narrative surrounding The Wonder Cabinet will be published as part of the project with the help of our resident writer, former Flux Artist-in-Residence, Irene Lee. The textual content, including the characters, scenery, and plot, will be entirely up to the artists. From there, the artists will physically construct a gigantic cabinet of wonders in the Flux gallery. Artists will look to the classic “Musei Wormiani Historia” of Ole Worm – now reconstructed at the Geological Museum of Copenhagen – as inspiration to build an immersive space serving as a physical memory surrounding the narrative. While a traditional cabinet is filled with noteworthy items of natural – or occasionally strikingly unnatural – interest, such as fierce pieces of taxidermy, fossils, plants, or ocean life, this project asks artists to build their own history. The objects on display, including the cabinet itself and the methods of display within, will speak to an immersive mythology for a new century.

Participating Artists: Adrian Owen, Alex Nathanson, Ari Richter, Daupo, Jason Eppink, Kate Jansyn, Marco Castro, Martina Mrongovius, Michelle Leftheris, Sarah Walko, and Stephanie Avery. Resident Writer: Irene Lee. Curated by Georgia Muenster, with assistance from Carina Kaufman and Mille Højerslev Nielsen

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