Confirmation Bias Browser Extension for Firefox and Chrome (Discontinued)

Image 1: Close up of notification.

This browser extension attempts to mitigate confirmation bias in media consumption.
When the user visits a given news site, the extension will prompt them to visit a website that features opposing view points.

The vector assigned to each media source is deeply subjective.
The trust variation isn't a measure of trustworthyness or truthfullness, rather it is a relational value.
Someone who trusts The Indypendent will not trust Breitbart or vice versa, and the value I've assigned to them is meant to describe this relationship.

vector graph
Image 2: News media graph

Image 5: Notification prompt

Image 6: Popup with browsing history and graph

Instructions for installing the Confirmation Bias extension as a temporary Firefox extension from Git Hub.

1) Download and install Firefox
2) Download the Confirmationbias_BrowserExtension folder
3) Open Firefox and enter about:debugging in the browser’s address bar
4) Click on the Load Temporary Add-on button
5) Navigate to the Confirmationbias_BrowserExtension folder
you downloaded and select the manifest.json file.

Prior Art

Confirmation Bias Search Inverter for Chrome
Official Media Bias Fact Check Icon for Firefox

This has been discontinued and is no longer available as an official Chrome or Firefox extension. Various version are available via Github.

Source code availabe at

diagram1 Image 3: Activation diagram

Image 4: Browser Extension Process Diagram